EKOEM is an experimental film about the unending battle between nature and technology.



Thanks to everyone who came to see the premiere! It was great meeting everyone and watching the shorts in our lineup. Thanks again for all the love and support.


EKOEM was selected for the 2010 Annual LA Shorts Film Fest! Come out for the premiere on Saturday, July 24th at 7:45pm, part of Program 13.
Tickets are available here.


EKOEM website is launched. Thanks everyone for your hard work!

About Us

Kveto Hecko

director / producer / writer / editor

Kveto’s career as a director, writer, and producer spans over 60 films. His focus is on experimental and documentary films dealing with a variety of art subjects. His films have been screened and honored at festivals across the world.

email / kveto@ekoemthemovie.com
website / www.kvetohecko.com